FAQs about Blogs

FAQs about Blogs

What is a blog?

A blog is like a diary or journal that is published on the internet, similar to a website.  Postings are updated frequently and they can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer. They are great for students as they can be worked on at anytime, including from home. A blog can  have comments by people other than the author, photos, videos, links and other digital media.


Who writes the  blog posts?

The teachers will write blog posts about various things happening around the school. Ms Sieira  (Media-Arts teacher) will publish the blog posts. Students may be chosen to write guest posts on the blog, which Ms Sieira will approve and publish.

Who can comment?

Anyone can comment on a blog. All comments are filtered through to the teachers, who will review the posts. The comments will either be  published, edited or deleted. This will be up to teacher reviewing the comment’s discretion.

How can parents and families be involved?

We encourage  family members to be involved and comment on our blog . You can share your thoughts or ideas about the blog posts as often you like. Your involvement will be appreciated by your child, teachers and other students. We promote having a strong link between home and school and your participation will help strengthen that link.

How will the school blog be used at school?

Students will be blogging  during their Media-Arts sessions, as well as occasional use in the classrooms. Specialists teachers will use the blog to keep the school community informed about their programs and extra-curricular activities. If students have internet access at home, we encourage them  to comment on a regular basis, which will help them keep interested in their school life.




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  1. #1 I portrayed my photo story that in an emergency you can call 000 .
    #2 I looked for photos that I took that I learned how to take a photo.
    #3 Once when I was five I cracked my head open.

  2. On Window Live Movie Maker you can make your own movie. All the grade threes did. You can move your writing and the pictures, change the effect, you can do titles, credits. Information you can put on music. You can change the colour on the pictures. You can let all the people see it at home, school, friends and on a iPad. You can find it on a phone, iPad, iPod and tablet.

  3. I learned to put a watermark and to use Smart Art .
    And I love the way that you don’t just write on Microsoft Word you can like press Ctrl c to print and then you press Ctrl v ,then you got it!

  4. To make an animation you need to make it frame by frame. You need to make small changes to each frame.

    Yes animations are effective for sending messages because its a fun way to learn.

    I once felt like a superhero because Tahleya, Jessica and me were on a bike ride and Tahleya fell off her bike and was bleeding and she was a while from her house, so I ran to her house to get some help. Then Jessica helped Tahleya get back and she brought the scooter. I ran back to get Tahleyas bike and my bike back.

  5. We learnt how to save a Powerpoint into a movie. We got to make cool animation’s in all different ways with twist’s and turn’s.We learnt how to put our voice into a PowerPoint!

    The other thing we learnt was to put in online pics.

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