Technology yesterday, today and tomorrow by Grade 4

The grade 4 students have explored changes in technology and some of the advancements made over time. Students chose a type of technology to investigate e.g. cameras, television, music, radio etc. They researched facts and looked at images of past and present technology. They then watched a Samsung commercial illustrating the company’s ideas for the future to help inspire their own vision for the future.

Some of the concepts they worked through included ……

  • How the technology has made life easier and what it is used for.
  • Some important dates and inventors or inventions related to the technology. How it evolved and improvements made over time.
  • Predicting a future model of the chosen technology. Using the app ‘Adobe Draw’ students show their future design through digital drawing.
  • Presenting the technology past, present and future in video format using text, images and audio.

Students then reflected on their learning, summarising their journey and discussed improvements or changes they would make.


  • Plus – something positive about your final video creation or the making of it.

  • Minus- something you think didn’t work well.

  • Improvement – something you would improve either in the process of making your video, or the final product. 


















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22 Comments on “Technology yesterday, today and tomorrow by Grade 4
  1. Our videos that we have been working on are amazing and They turned out a incredible!
    When we used our iPads which some of them didn’t have i movie and that was annoying.
    My movie was outstanding I hope that we do something similar to our projects.

  2. I liked how good it turned out with my effects and information
    I didn’t like how I didn’t have time to finish my information poster
    I need to improve on more information for the people that could see mine

  3. Plus- I think I did well in recording and typing my information.

    Minus- Though I think I should of done a lot more information about this topic.

    Improvement- I think I should of improved on drawing my future picture.

  4. Plus-
    I did well at drawing ✍️ my photo because it looks really cool and I took my time and it look awesome.

    I didn’t do well on my facts because I could have put more facts in and make it sound interesting.

    I could have put more pictures so I could have more facts

  5. Plus: I think I did well on my information and presentation for my project.
    Minus: I think Did not do well on my drawing
    Improvement: I could have improved on my drawing.

  6. I’ve learnt how big the old computer was and how heavy it was to. The picture I expected to make didn’t really work either but it turned out pretty good. I could of done better with the talking bit but there was a lot of noise in the back round.

  7. I’m positive about that I finished it in time and I like the music. Something I didn’t like was that sometimes it got rid of the writing so we had to do it again. I would improve on more information by doing more research and that’s it.

  8. 1.What i think i did well was that i had a good idea on the futuremanimation drawing. My idea was a flying car and that would help people because there would be less traffic.
    2. I didn’t really work well with the text because first it was capital letters all the time. But then I realised that was the font that I chose.
    3.What i could improve on was that i could have better information for all of them by doing more research, but not my predicition for the future because I like what I did.

  9. Plus – I’ve learnt how to use iMovie and its tools and I finished on time.

    Minus – I didn’t really work well in the sound effects.

    Improvement – I could work better on my drawing.

  10. Plus: I did somethings well on the finale video i did a spell check and some more.
    minus: i did the only thing wrong that i turned the music loud and my voice low.

  11. plus- what i did well was the music and the photos
    Minus- i could of put more information when i was writing the text
    Improvement – i liked how i improved on my music because it was like pop music and one of my class mates Ryan he loved the music

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