Time-lapse drawings by grade 3

The grade 3 students have been discovering what a time-lapse video is and when they are useful. They learnt that time-lapse videos are ideal to use when we want to see a change over time. We can see the change happen much quicker.

Students created a time-lapse drawing of a birthday cake to integrate with their study on ‘Celebrations’. The students learnt the tools in the iPad App ‘iMotion’ to create frames that would produce their time-lapsed drawing. They discovered that it was really important to keep the camera still, as well as the paper. They experimented with tools such as ‘onion skin’ and adjusting frames per second. They could choose to capture their frames automatically or manually, depending on whether they wanted their hands drawing the cake, or if they wanted the drawing to evolve as an animation. Take a look at some……


When is using a time-lapse video helpful?

What tools and processes did you learn when making a time-lapse?

Grade 3 Timelapse Videos from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.


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    1. We learnt how to use iMotion when something takes a long time you can make it go faster with iMotion.

    2. We learnt how to use onion skin to make it line up with you’re picture in case you bump it. We learnt how to save our work in Dropbox

  2. I learnt how to use time laps and how it works. I learnt that videos are actually made out of frames, i also learnt that frames are really pictures.
    Also that manual is different to auto because auto does it by its self. Manual you can do it your self.

  3. 1. A time-lapse is helpful because you don’t have to sit there all day watching someone drawing or a movement.
    2. I learned that onion skin helps you get your picture in place and that when you capture the frames they are in position 🙂

  4. 1.Time laps is helpful because we get to see cool things grow and move in faster time.
    2. We learned how to use onion skin and keep the iPad still on I motion while doing time lapse.

  5. If I’m bored I mite play on the app to make more timelaspe videos.
    I also learnt that onion skin helps me see where I should line up my picture and I also learnt about manual to take frames when youre ready or automtic so it catures frames on a timer.

  6. I learnt how to use timelapse and I learnt how to export and delete frames in iMotion.
    I also learnt how to make the camera still when I capture frames to keep it from shaking.

  7. Time lapse is useful for when your doing a really long thing like building with lego and when you can watch your building and your lego cration being made. .
    I learnt the tools onion skin and manual and how to take pictures by myself.

  8. On iMotion I learnt that manual is where you take photos when you are ready and on automatic time lapse you can choose what time it can take pictures by it’s self, so you doont have to be there to take the frames.

  9. 1. Using a timelapse video is helpful because if it takes a long time to watch something in real life you van timelapse it by taking photos of the movement or changes and you play the hotos and you are done.

  10. On iMotion we learned how to capture frames and keep the I-pad still.
    We learned that on iMotion you can save on Dropbox so we can use it on other things..

  11. I learnt how to delete frames and use the onion skin
    I leant how to use I motion and put frames on by the second. I learnt that time lapse help people to see things that are slow faster.

  12. I learnt in time lapse that you can upload your work in to Dropbox
    I learnt how to to delete your hand out of the picture and I learnt all that of the tools.

  13. Its helpful when your seeing something grow or watching clouds move and it’s good to see something change. It would take too long to watch it, so a time lapse helps you see whats happening quicker.

    I learnt that it takes time and also we used IMotion and Dropbox! I also learnt how to do time lapse it was really fun!

  14. When a child is growing up, or also when seeing the clouds movin you can use time-lapse.

    I learnt how to put onion skin, and also we could delete the photo mistakes, and to save it in Dropbox. We also learnt to make it still by not moving the iPad and paper.

  15. Learning how to make a time lapse is helpful so you don’t have to wait all day long and wait for a flower to grow or a sun to rise and set.

    When learning to make a time lapse video I learnt that you have to put on onion skin and you can delete your hand if you get it in.😜😜

  16. I Learnt that type writers were invented in the 1867 and computers are a lot different to a type writer and then I drew a picture that I think the computers will be changed to a computer contented to a laptop and maybe have a different name.

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