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City X is a newly discovered planet, where people have been sent to reside. The people encountered problems that needed to be solved. And that’s where the Grade 4 students came in. They were the engineers and inventors of the new world, enabling the students to create a place that could be inhabited by humans.

These students were given a fictional character in City X, and they had to invent, design, and build something using Minecraft that solves their character’s problem. The issues faced by the citizens of City X were representative of real-world social issues. Their problems related to health, safety, communication, transportation, and more. It was up to the year 4 students to help solve these problems.

The grade 4 followed the engineers design process by:

  • identifying the problems by asking questions
  • planning a solution
  • building the solution
  • evaluating the solution and making improvements.
Here are some of the solutions created on City X by our Grade 4 students.

Student please refelct on the following…

Angelien shorter

Brianna Currie






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  1. I learnt that plans can be really helpful when your building something. I enjoyed creating something to be apart of a city. I found it challenging to make something that didn’t already exist.

  2. I learnt that you have to go through the engeering process to help design something for a problem. I enjoyed building my person’s problem’s solution in Minecraft. I found it challenging because I never had used Minecraft.

  3. I learnt that if you do something for a light you cannot turn it on because there is not that much space so you have to just get a button so it can turn it on.

    I enjoyed the most is I loved how I did my part of City X and it looked really real.

    I found it challenge is the light cannot work if you do a button or any thing related to push or tap you can not get the light to work but if you do it next to the light it will work:)

  4. I learnt that you can plan your ideas better when you follow through the engeenring process. I enjoyed building my persons problem and recording it.I found it challenging because I hasd never used it in my life.

  5. I learned that you can record you minecraft on iPad using Screen Record.

    I enjoyed that we got to build o solution to a problem and we actually got TO BUILD!

    Ii found it challenging to build my solution the way I imagined it.

  6. Sanam: i learnt how to use Minecraft because i have never used it before. I enjoyed building. It was hard to think of what to make to fix my persons problem.

  7. Lovie-The City X Project was not that hard because all I got to build houses,1 pool and 4 howls in the ground to help the poeple who live in City X..
    I enjoyed building the houses so the people could live there.
    I learnt more on how to play minecraft on a iPad.

    Tatum: I learnt that you can video yourself on minecraft. I enjoyed that you can video yourself on camera roll. It was hard to save your minecraft video to Dropbox.

  8. Today we learned that planning things first makes inventing and building easier and that anyone can build an idea to solve a problem. What we enjoyed about this activate was finding a problem, planning the solution and building it on Minecraft. We found it challenging when we needed to build our creations fast to present our amazing work to everyone to see.

  9. 1. Me and Zane’ learned that minecraft is a space to share for everyone.
    2.we enjoyed building everything in minecraft when we built a part of City X to help the community. was challenging to record and build our ideas but we still did it.
    over all it was an amazing experience.

  10. We learned that using the engineers process helps to plan first to make you an invention. I enjoyed making the work on Minecraft. I felt it challenging when we had to solve the people’s problems and coming up with an idea that is new and that would work.

  11. 1.I learned that I can make lots of cool things and helpful things on Minecraft.

    2.I enjoyed building the bubble and the people in the bubble watching.

    3.I found challenging is making the size and were to put the people but it was fun.

  12. I learnt that first you need to make a plan before you make it because I used to build randomly with no plan. I really enjoyed making my projet and i loved it and it was my favourite part. What I found hard was putting detail into it.

  13. I learned that planning is really useful.

    I enjoyed building my city x.

    I found it challenging to save it ias a movie by sxcreencasting it so other [people can watch it.

  14. 1.i learned that the minecraft on the ipad is hard to play on but I could create my own thing.
    2. i enjoyed how we got to play minecraft in school because it is being creative.

  15. I felt it challenging where you had to build such a big and realistic building in about 3 or 4 days so I was really rushed but I did get it finished.

    I also learnt that I could place villagers in such a small space without escape.

  16. i learned how to screen cast on record it! i enjoyed building on minecraft. i found it challenging when i was building because mine was really big.

  17. What I learnt about Minecraft education was when i did not know how to play Minecraft education but when i played it a lot on my netbook i got used to it.

    When i got on to Minecraft education i was like i can not do this but then i did it

    Planning to solve the problem. It was hard becuase there was lots to do but i did it.

  18. I learnt to use Minecraft.

    I enjoyed building my part in Minecraft.

    I found making my plan difficult becuase I had to come up with an idea for my persons problem.

  19. I learnt how to screen cast on an iPad.
    i really enjoyed making a solution to a problem in minecraft
    i thought it was challenging to creak something that does’nt exist.

  20. 1. I learned how to do multitasking and plan with my class mate Jaxon in minecraft.

    2. I enjoyed when I made my school on minecraft

    3. It was challenging when it was raining and lightning set are whole school on fire.

  21. I leaned that Minecraft is hard to build with.
    I enjoyed making a creation in Minecraft.
    I found it challenging to lern how to use the parts with Minecraft.

  22. I learned how to build a part of a city in Minecraft. I enjoyed building my boat. I found it a challenge to building my Minecraft because it was my first time using Minecraft.

  23. I learned how to play Minecraft because i never new how to use it.i enjoyed playing it for the first time. At first i did not know what to build. But my plan helped me get some ideas.

  24. My problem was that there was not enough healthy land to grow our food on.

    I learnt that you can record your stuff on Minecraft.

    enjoyed planing and draw my project (a big pot).

    I found challenging recording my project so other people can see it..

  25. I really enjoyed solving my characters problem they had no power.

    I found out that having a plan helps you later on in the project.

    My problem was that no one had any power so I build a electric ship to help them.

  26. I learned that its better to do a plan than just do it straight away.

    My persons problem was that he wanted the streets to be safe and i built a police station.

    I also found it hard to build it in three or four session because it takes a long time to build stuff in mincraft.

  27. 1. I learned about the engineering process where i planned for my person’s problem. the problem was that the world was too hot and they had nothing to protect them.

    2. I enjoyed making my persons problem using Minecraft

    3. I felt making the roof of my house challenging

  28. On city project x i had to make something to protect them from the meteors hitting there stuff.
    So i made a Hugh wall around the area to protect it from the meteors,

    • 1. I learned that planning is better than going straight into things.
      2.I enjoyed building the inventions, I really had fun with my teleportation machine.
      3.It was challenging building the main house and getting the sizing right.

  29. I really enjoyed when you got to make the problem of you person’s problem on minecraft . My person’s problem is simon. He wanted aplace that had peace and quiet and i made a sound proof house.

  30. My problem was that the food was getting rotten
    1. I learnt how to save to Dropbox.
    2. I enjoyed building on Minecraft in school
    3. I found building a bit challenging because I didn’t know which position was which.

  31. My problem was that the clothes people brought were all warn out.

    1. I learnt that recording your voice isn’t that scary at all.

    2. I enjoyed exploring new blocks in this Minecraft.

    3. I found challenging making things that don’t exist in Minecraft and creating them out of random blocks.

  32. I learnt that you can record your screen on Minecraft and how to do it.
    I enjoyed playing Minecraft and building drones and hospitals.
    I found it challenging to build everything in time.

  33. I’ve learnt all the cool things that you can do on Minecraft.
    My problem was that there is to much noise in the city so I created a ear piece that you put in your ear and you can hear the person that is talking. A rist band that has a button that you press and a screen pops up. and a lady or a mans voice that asked you who you want to talk to. There is a face mask that you can talk to your person and no one else can hear you except the person that you are talking to.
    I love learning new things that I don’t know.

  34. My problem was that a teenage girl and her family are tired of living in the spaceship.
    I learnt how hard and difficult it is to plan and create a new invention.
    I enjoyed building and inventing new things/places in Minecraft, even though it was very
    challenging .
    I found it challenging to use the engineering process

  35. I learnt that city x projects are hard to build in minecraft but you should try your best. Although it was complicated I tried my best and moved on.

  36. My problem was that the clothes people brought were all worn out.

    1. I learnt that recording my voice isn’t that bad.

    2. I enjoyed exploring the new blocks that only are in this Minecraft and using them in different ways.

    3. I found challenging building things that don’t exist in Minecraft and using random blocks to create them.

  37. I really enjoyed playing minecraft because I liked to fix peoples problems.
    My problem was the food was rotting and the costumes wear waiting in line to long.

  38. My person’s problem was that city x was under the asteroid belt and meteors were hitting city x

    I learned how to video my screem on a ipad.

    I enjoyed building my mincart shooter.

    I found it challenging to build everything and how thing can go wrong like my minecart shooter, it shooted tnt and destroyed some of my stuff my it all worked out.

    I really enjoyed this project and playing minecraft together has a class.

  39. I enjoyed building in Minecraft to help peoples problem. My problem was that people keep on cutting down trees and making houses out of it. So I tried to make something that will stop people from coming and cutting down trees.

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