Animal Animations by Grade 3

In Media Arts the grade 3 students have explored the concept of animation making using the app Animation Desk. Students first discussed how the use of layers was helpful to keep aspects of their animation separate. They then learnt about the process of developing a frame-by-frame sequence of events. The task involved making small changes in the drawings of each frame to give the impression of a moving image.

The students learnt tools such as duplicating frames (instead of drawing each frame over and over), onion skin to view previous frames, brush sizes and strokes, adjusting frames per second and cutting/pasting part of pictures to move them around the frame. It was a lengthy process that taught the students to persevere through a task. They were so proud of the end results. Check out some of the animations on the Media Arts blog.

Students please reflect on the following:

What are some of the steps involved in animation making?

What are some tools you learnt in the app ‘Animation Desk’ that helped to make a digital animation?


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  1. the tools in animation desk was onion skin and layers also frames and paint brush sizes.
    first you draw your picture and then you duplicate you frame and you cut your animal and move it a tiny bit. you keep doing it and it looks like its moving.

  2. .So fun to muck around with tools and animation. It was so much fun to choose animal then draw it and make it look like it’s moving.

  3. We learnt that there is cut and passed in animation desk and you can chose small parts of the animal to move so you don’t gave to keep drawing it. There are lots of colours in animation desk. There are lots of tools.


  5. The steps were to duplicate the frames and make small changes to the animal. We had to get at lest 15 frames.

    The tools are paint brush paint bucket pen pencil onion skin rubber colours. All these helped us make an animation more easily.

  6. We learnt how to use animation and how to move your character with the drawing tools only with little changes to make an animation.
    How to use the onion skin and using cut and paste we tools we learnt. we drew our animation back ground then we color our animation on separate layers.

  7. I used in my animation onion skin , cut and paste, layers,different brushes and eraser or in other words rubber and frame adding button.

    When i first used the app i also learned other tools like the rubbing tool to make it when you paint things like smoke, the button that makes more frames okay this tool is what you use when you would like to make more tools, i was confused because you can multiple it with a other tool.

  8. We learnt the tools on animation desk like scissors, brushes,pencils, fill,crayon and rubber.
    We learnt how to make a animation.
    We got to chose a animal.We had to use duplicate the frame and cut and paste.

  9. We learnt how to cut and past to make changes to the next frame and onion skin so we could see where the last frame was. We could make our characters with different brushes, color and used layers.

  10. We leant how to duplicate the frame so we didn’t have to keep drawing our characters on each frame. Thete were so many other things on the app Animation desk.
    The things that we used to draw with to make our animation are the tools with paint brushes with with different Sykes paint bucket so we could colour a big area.

  11. We learnt how to duplicate frames cut and paste and also move the animation character and learnt how to use onion skin. We really enjoyed making our animation. First you had to draw you animation then draw your background on a different layer and cut and paste while using onion skin to make the next frame.

  12. We learnt one of the steps are to organise your layers.
    Some of the tools in Animation Desk was paint bucket so you can colour a big area.

  13. We used the cut and paste tool for our animations.

    Instead of drawing the character it is quicker to duplicate the frame.

    We used different sizes, colours and paint brushes including fade.

  14. We learnt how to duplicate the frames, work onion skin, cut and paste. First you had to draw and colour in your animation, then you do the background on a different layer and cut it out. If you use onion skin it can be distracting but also helps to try and make a difference from the last frames so you cut and past and your animation is done.

  15. We leant how to duplicate the frame so we didn’t have to keep drawing our characters on each frame. We also leant some tools such as onion skin and how to cut and paste it.

  16. We used onion skin to keep it straight , we also learn how to use sissor , paint bucket to fill in the animal thatb we made . We also learned how to delete frames,

  17. We learnt to duplicate frames, to export it into Dropbox, to cut and paste, sequencing and using different tools.

    The tools that helped us in Animation Desk are cut and paste, paint bucket, duplicating frame, the redo button and the undo button.

  18. In animation desk, I learnt to cut and paste to help make little movements in each frame. Then when you play the frames it look like it’s moving.
    Onion skin can get in the way, but you can just turn it off.

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