Mind Your Mind by Grade 4

Grade 4 students explored how mental health is just as important as physical health. They took the time to focus on ‘feelings’, and discussed situations they associate with certain emotions.They identified red zone’ and ‘green zone’ feelings and learnt strategies for staying in control when in the ‘red’.

Students spent time tuning in to body language and facial expressions to help them understand  feelings in more depth. An awareness of how our bodies react to certain situations, such fear or danger, allows us to respond accordingly. I wanted the students to think about what their bodies might do in certain situations. For example, sweaty palms, racing heart beat, red cheeks etc. Being aware of their emotions can help students respond constructively, so they can stay in control of a situation. Examples students said included drawing a picture to help get frustrations out, breathing slowly, playing music, talking to someone etc.

Using an iPad App called ‘Clone Camera’, students then demonstrated certain feelings through body language. They were to take photos of themselves showing different feelings through different expressions. They cloned themselves 4 times to show 4 different emotions.

They used Adobe Spark Post to enhance their ‘Clone Photos’ with text options, layouts and effects to further represent a message about ‘Minding Your Mind’.

Take a look at students being mindful of their feelings……


Watch the video ‘Kids Explain Mindfulness’ and answer the questions:

What are some strategies you can use when feeling in the ‘Red Zone’?

Describe a situation when you were feeling in the ‘Red Zone’ and what you did to find your ‘Green Zone’.


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  1. 1. When you’re in the Red Zone you can tell a adult,concentrate on your breathing or exercise.
    2. When I was in the Red Zone I got bullied and the way I got out was to take 10 deep
    breathes and walked away.

  2. 1. When you are in your red zone you can take 5 deep breaths and play with your pets to calm you down.

    2. We were playing a game and a friend started being mean so we went to the drink taps and had a drink.

  3. 1. Take some deep breathes in and out.
    2.when we caried the shopping in and our siblings would not help we were feeling in the red zone but then our mums came and helped us and then we were feeling in the green zone.

  4. 1.When i’m in the red zone I play with slime.
    2. I was in a fight with my brother and I walked off to my room and listened to the P!nk track.

  5. 1. If you want to get out of the Red Zone you could walk away and think about something happy like spending $1000.
    2.When I was in the red zone when I was fighting with my sister so I just went into my room and calmed down.

  6. If your angry you can think what you could do with $1000. Talk to a adult. Take your mind on a holiday. Think of when you were happy.

    I was in the red zone when i asked for something and I didn’t get it so I just watched YouTube instead of getting angry..

  7. 1. Take deep breaths until you feel better when you’re mad.
    2. When i got banned from screens for 2 days i got mad so i went to my room and i punched my pillow until i felt tired. I then felt better and moved on.

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