3D Designing a Pet Project – By Grade 5

The grade 5 students were given the task of designing a Pet accessory or toy that could be sold in a pet shop. They were required to create a Prototype of a pet item that was original and had an intended purpose to improve the life of a pet. To ensure they were creating meaningful innovations they needed to follow the stages of the Design Thinking Process. The process helped them bring clarity and focus to the design stages. The idea was to problem solving so that their creations were in line with appropriateness and suitability for their audience. This involved……

Empathize: They needed to decide on an audience for the 3D object. That included the chosen pet they would design for. e.g. guinea pig, mouse, bird, dog, cat, fish etc.

Define: They needed to outline what the interests of this intended audience would include. What would they need? What do they enjoy? What characteristics need to be catered for? What problem might there be designing for this audience?

Ideate: In this stage they generated ideas for their objects. Here they needed to be imaginative and generate solution concepts. Students needed to push for the widest possible range of ideas to select from, not just find a single best idea.

Protype: Here the students began building using the online 3D design program ‘Google Sketch Up’. They decided on which idea they would investigate. They used the tools in the program to start shaping their model of this idea.

Test: This involved students in the class giving each other feedback and choosing from the most suitable designs for 3D printing. Which designs were usable, authentic and had purpose?

Here are some of the results…..

Students please reflect on the following….

Did the ‘Design Thinking Process’ help you achieve your goals for your design? How?

What challenges did you face while designing in Google Sketchup?

List ways in which your design is useful or original, and explain how your design could help improve the life of your chosen pet (or pet owner).


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  1. 1the desighn thinking process did help me to echieve my goals it helped by giving me something to follow
    2it was hard learning the tools and once i learnt them it got easier
    3 it useful because you dont have to keep filling the bowl for you cat or dog

  2. The “design thinking process.” helped me cause I didn’t just think of the first thing and use it.
    The biggest challenge was probably trying to make everything fit together.
    It could help the owner exercise the guinea pig with-out having to torture it.

  3. The Process of Google SketchUp was challenging, but I reach my goal. My goal was to get a bird bath with different features created. Some of the features were a filter, so the water doesn’t get old. A food and toilet tray, obviously not in the same tray, it’s in different trays.
    Some of the challenges I faced were, not being able to find the right tool, not having an idea, but I found an idea, and sometimes forgetting to save.
    My idea could help pet owners, so they don’t have to do as much work, and easy to clean.

  4. The design thinking process helped me. It helped me because I had to think about what would be appropriate.
    I had to learn how the different tools.
    My design could help feed wild birds when they need food.

  5. 1. Without the design thinking process It would be very hard to understand how to do stuff.
    2.A challenge I faced was making a roof! One second its good turn around and its messed up!
    3. my idea could help birds that like flying! Instead of tiny bird cages a huge one birds can roam free in!

  6. The ‘Design Thinking process’ did help me achieve what I wanted, because it kept me going with different ideas to use in my ‘Pet Project’. A challenge that I had faced in Sketchup was the size of different things to put together. Also when sometimes things that I wanted to do that didn’t work out as good. A way that my design is useful is that you can water into one side of the machine and food in the other side of the machine. It can also push out the food and water at certain times that you set it to so you don’t have to go outside and fill the water and food in the two bowls.

  7. 1. The design process was fun and I liked making my pet project it was fun but hard at the same time it was a challenge for me to do it.
    2. I had lots of challenges when I was using sketchup they were hard like making a roof, making a food bowl and putting on words.
    3. My pet project is useful for a mouse so it can go to sleep in it and live in it so its helpful for the pet and owner.

  8. 1st The desighn thinking process did help me to echieve my goals it helped by giving me something to follow.
    2nd It was hard learning the tools and once i learnt them it got easier.
    3ed It useful because you dont have to keep filling the bowl for you cat or dog.

  9. 1. The designing process helped me because i did not have to come to feed the dog or cat some water because it automatically did by putting a timer.
    2. The challenges were finding what what tools did what but in week 2 weeks i got used to it.
    3. My designs were useful because i did not have to come to feed my pet water the water came out by the timer that you put on the top.

  10. 1. The design thinking process did help me to achieve my goals.
    2. The first time I used the tools it was hard and then it got a bit easier in the end.
    3. How my design worked was to put food and water in the bowls.

  11. The design thinking process was very hard and usually you would have to delete things and start over, but at the end I achieved my goal. My goal was to make a sort of sitting house for birds and a bird feeder together. The different tools helped me do that.

    Some challenges that I faced were when I was using the Push/Pull tools sometimes when I wanted to pull I pushed and it was really annoying. Another thing that was a challenge was getting overwhelmed by all the tools and usually getting confused.

    My design could help people who give out things like bread to birds, so they don’t have to throw it on the ground and also the birds have something to play with.

  12. The design thinking process helped us remember the order of what we were doing.
    We found it hard to move around in sketch up but as we discovered the tools it got easier.
    Jack’s creation is a cat bowl with a cute face on it. My creation helps the animal to get exercise fast and simple.

  13. 1. The Design Thinking Process help me because it shows me the thing I should think about.
    2. The challenge I have to face was to make a roof.
    3. My design can help the pet exercise and eat.

  14. 1. It helped me because it shows me the things that I should think about.
    2. The challenge for me was to make it so you could see through it.
    3. My design helped a pet owner store food.

  15. 1. The Design Thinking Procees help us because it gave us extra ideas we would of never thought of.
    2. The challenge we had to face was there were alot of tools to learn in Sketchup.
    3. Brodie- My design helps guinea pigs by having to make them exercise and eat and drink
    Isaac- My design is for a dog by having a water bowl and a swimming pool.

  16. 1. yes it did help me achieve my goal to make a dog collar
    2. the hardest bit of the pet project for me is trying to type on my pet project
    3. it could help my dog because if t gets lost the person can know it name on the front and the phone number on the back

  17. 1.The design thinking process helped me because it gave me lots of new ideas.
    2. The challenge was making it big enough for my guinea pigs to fit inside of it.
    3. It could help a pet, so it has more space to play in instead of its tiny little cage. It all so would help the owner so that its’s pets could be happier.

  18. 1. The design thinking process helped me achieve my goal because it gave me a lot of different ideas for my project.
    2. The challenges I faced while designing my pet project was when I was doing the circles on the paw and to make it even and to get the right tools.
    3. It will help the pet and the pet owner because you don’t need to buy 3 bowls and it’s for cats and dogs and it takes a small amount of room.

  19. 1. Yes it did help me because it sade the think about the animal.
    2. What I found hard is the controls and all the zooming.
    3. My design is a home for a guine pig.

  20. 1. The design thinking process helped me achieve my goals because i had multiple ideas and it turned out what I thought it would be.

    2. The challenges that we had to face are some of the tools where hard to use and the turning tool and it was hard because your design is not always the design that you wanted.
    3. Zoe made a horse supplies hanger and it helps the owner so all of the supplies are organized. Courtney made a mouse house it helps for the mouse to run a round and get energy and also to relax.

  21. Did the ‘Design Thinking Process’ help you achieve your goals for your design? How?
    it helped because it taught us all the tricky things and be creative and learn more about sketchup.
    What challenges did you face while designing in Google Sketchup?
    creating the perfect shape and all the accessories around it.

    List ways in which your design is useful or original, and explain how your design could help improve the life of your chosen pet (or pet owner).
    Savannah: it is useful because the onwer doesnt have to keep dog treat bags in the cubioud you can just put them in a cute dog treat bowl
    Lily: it useful because your pet dose not have sleep on the ground they can sleep in a little house.
    Clavea: Mine is helpful for the owner because there are little compartments for the owner to put the food in.

  22. 1. It helped me because it shows how I should be thinking and give me more ideas to add.
    2. As i was creating the animal thing I added more things to my cat bunk bed.
    3. On the roof the food can go on top of the bunk bed.

  23. 1, It helped me because it showed me new skills and gave me a lot of thinking to do.
    2, it was hard learning new tools a once but i go used of it then they got easier
    3, it probably helps the owner by not buying kennels all the time

  24. Yes it help us achieve our goals by making us learn what animals use and get our imagination going.
    Some challenges that we struggled with was the curving on the bowl because at the end it kept going out.
    The bowl could help the people because the water wouldn’t go on the floor and it would make the dog smarter.

  25. 1. The design thinking process helped me create the perfect design.
    2. The challenges we faced were creating the base and working with the tools to create a detailed design.
    3. My design feeds hungry birds and reduces the death of the bird.

  26. 1. Yes, it did because and made us think more and gave us a lot more and better ideas.
    2. Once we learnt it was confusing but then after a few weeks it became easier.
    3. With the kennel i made i think its useful because then dogs can have a good shelter and a good home. Jade’s bowl that she made was useful because if any animal gets thirsty then they drink from it.

  27. The thinking process help me because it made me think of what i was actully going to do like what would really help the animal
    Then putting it 3d and making all the holes. Mine is useful because i can put food in the middle and the bath on the outside.

  28. 1. The thinking progress helped us achive our designs by us thinking of the pet then thinking of what it needs or what would help them.
    2 Levi: Making the bowl perfect and the arms/hands.
    Ella: Making the circles in the cube and pushing and pulling the cylinders on the cube.
    3. Levi: By giving the dog what it needs to survive.
    Ella: By giving it food water and a place to stay and something to play on.

  29. 1~ My goals for my design weren’t really what I wanted but I decided to stick to what I was doing and it turned out fairly okay and I learned to like my build just like a pet!

    2~ The challenge that frustrated me so much was the fact that you can’t make a 3D water bowl in a pulled in circle. I had one more situation with the rotate device which ruined my build, but I got it back!

    3~ My design is a resting place for birds e.g. if a bird has no nest it can come into the resting places that I built.

  30. 1. yes, it helps us through the design progress it helped me by telling us the step to get through it

    2.well i think it was difficult when i had top make a lead and them change it because it was hard Bella thinks it was difficult when she had to make a the stairs for her pool.

    3.it was original because it has ears and a nose and you can put a name on it so you know its yopurs
    Bellas was original because it is a pool ans when the dog is hot the dog can jump in

  31. 1. it helped me because it makes me think more and when i think more i do more stuff
    2. my challenges for google sketch up was the following tool because it is really hard to get the shape right then move it in.
    3. it is useful because the bird fountain helps birds drink easily instead of finding water

  32. 1. How i achieved my goal was i was able to find all the tools i needed on a single bar up the top of Sketchup.
    2.The challenges i had to face with no help at all, was to turn the huge cylinders sideways and parallel to each other.
    3. My design was useful for the fishes and the turtles to play around if they didn’t have anything and able to make the cave i made a habitat .

  33. Did the ‘Design Thinking Process’ help you achieve your goals for your design? How?
    It helped Kiara and I because the tools were easy to use and the paint bucket was good use. Another thing is push/pull tool.

    What challenges did you face while designing in Google Sketchup?
    Rianna: the challenge using Sketchup was thinking of what to do and the tools and when I drew an object the wall would disappear it was very hard.
    Kiara:Thinking of the pet project itself was hard because there was so many ideas to do and some of the tools were confusing because of the way sketchup was made.

    List ways in which your design is useful or original, and explain how your design could help improve the life of your chosen pet (or pet owner).
    They can have space, sleep in bed, area to play in, it was big, and it would help any dog.

  34. 1. the design thinking process helped me to think of new ideas like my bird perch.

    2. a difficult thing was making the box bit on mine and thinking of stuff to add. It was also hard to learn the new tools.

    3. My design will help because it has 2 perching sticks and a built in food bowl.

  35. Haris:
    1. Yes it did because as i progress i find new stuff and it helps me make new things.
    2. One of the biggest problems was how to follow me until i figured it out at the last day.
    3. Mine is a dog bowl so the dog eats and drinks on it.

    1. Yes it did help me because doing all those steps the creating stages easier
    2. The biggest problem I had was that i was going to make a ball but I didn’t know how to do it so I had to change the idea
    3. Mine toy is for a dog or a cat and it is a bowl for them.

    1.Yes it did help because the vidoes helped me to create new things that I had never done before.
    2.Yes it was hard especially when I was trying to make a ball but I couldn’t so then i just stuck with makeing a dog chew toy insted.
    3. It is a dog chew toy and it is for dogs and cats thet use it by chewing on it.

  36. 1.The design thinking process did help us to acheive our goal as we learnt many new tools and we had many ideas.

    2. Some challenges we faced is our work getting deleted and some tools didn’t work like we wanted them too.

    3.My project was for a cat which was a exerciser so cats can get exercise Jaeda did a bowl for all water and food.

  37. I thought the design thinking process was helpful because it helped me to achieve my goal

    Some challenges I faces was trying to hollow out an object

    My project was a bird bath but it wasn’t very good as I expected it to be

  38. 1.)We thought that it did help because we got the design part done fast, and we finished ours and now we are happy!
    2.)It was hard learning the tools for some things but at the end it worked out fine and got it finished.
    Alyssa: i thought my design was helpful for the owner because they could keep the fish in a fish tank and it gave the fish a home.
    Remi: I thought my design is great help for the owner because it had spots for all of the food and liquids and different sizes for them so you dont give the animal to much to eat/drink.
    Shaylee: I think my disign wil help the pets owner because it has a food and water bowl, it also has a bed for the pet.

  39. 1. Yes the thinking design process helped both of us in the same sort of way. It helped us think about what to do and it helped us choose our audience.

    2. We faced the challenge throughout the whole thing but the hardest thing was making the bowls and containers. It was also hard because we had to get the shaping right for everything to make it perfect.

    3.Our projects were bowls one for food and one for water so it helps organize the food and water. Also my project helps because you set a timer and at that time it will put more food and water in it.

  40. 1. It did help me because it gave me and idea of what to do and it helped me.
    2. The challenges i face were designing and the thinking process.
    3. My design is useful for feeding your pet and holding water for your pet

  41. 1) Yes it did help me reach my goals by making my dog and bird house
    2)some of the challenges i faced were making a wall face up and making the roof
    3) the design would probably help a bird so the bird can do excercise and help build up its strength with Callun’s it is for a bird to have water and food in a basket so it can keep healthy and highdrated.

  42. 1.The design process helped us with knowing how to build and design appropriate designs
    2.The hardest thing we faced was trying to connect parts to other parts
    Jade- My pet project was for a fish I think I should’ve made food tubes for the fish
    Alex- My pet project was a dog I think I should’ve been more creative with it.

  43. I think the design thinking process helped by making me think a lot more about my project.
    One of the challenges I faced while creating my project was getting the ‘Follow Me’ tool to work. In the end, it never actually worked even though I did what someone showed me to do.
    My project was a bone that had a pole which stuck to the collar of a dog. I believe this helps the owner by making sure the dog doesn’t walk off course when the owner is walking their dog.

  44. 1. The desigen thinking process did help me to achive my goal i learnt a new tool that really helped me to create my project.
    2.i faced many many challenges with my project because the parts that i wanted to print didn’t print.
    3. So multipule birds can perch feed drink nest and bath.

  45. The challenges I had designing was getting the shapes I made, to go where I wanted. And putting the walls, door way, and roof on.
    I think that my design is useful for small lizards to go in and rest. And it improves the animals life so they don’t have to be in a cage.

  46. 1. Yes, it helped us create a useful tool for our pets.
    2. We thought the tools were hard at first use.
    *Tony* I think my dog brush will help me so we don’t have to buy a new one straight off.
    *Judah* i think my bird basket ball thing was good because any people who have a bird and basket ball.

  47. 1. Without the design thinking process
    some things would be very hard to do things like designing
    2.Some challengers I faced were like making and designing the roof, patterns and making all the holes
    3.my project was a dog bowl with a water hole, medication hole, treat hole, and food hole and it helps people by not buying individual pet bowels

  48. The design thinking process helped me because i didn’t just think of the first thing and used it.
    The challenge I faced was placing down the ramp and getting the angle right.
    My project was for hamsters/guinea pigs. Its an exercise mat.

  49. 1. Yes, the design thinking process help me because he helps me achieve making my invention or design. And it did this because it was good because it helped me make everything with my project.

    2. Some challenges I have was being able to rotate my project and up sizing it and downsizing it.

    3. This project will help my bird to get fit by going up and down the stairs and also having I diet restriction food bowl.

  50. 1. I do believe the thinking process did not help me as I just needed a task and a bit of knowledge about the task and then I won’t have a problem but that was just me. I am sure others needed it.
    2. Challeges are apart of life and everyone faced them, for me my challenge was making the frisbee as the follow me tool was not cooperative.
    3. My project is for a dog owner who is sick and tired of throwing that boring old frisbee, but now he can be lazy and use a frisbee propelling gun!!!

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