Seasons in Pivot by Grade 3

As part of the unit of study on ‘Seasons’ the Grade 3 students created an animation showing a seasons activity. The were required to demonstrate an activity they could do during a chosen season using Pivot Stick-figure Animator.

They first did a digital drawing in Microsoft Paint to create a landscape background that reflected their season. They added this background to their Pivot animation. They then developed their animation frame-by-frame. Each frame created the sequence of events, which would create the illusion of movement.

They learnt to create their own figures, resize figures, change colours, adjust the timing and  save in a different file format. They used a .gif file to save their animations and play as a moving image. Take a look at some of the results by clicking on the images below.

Students reflect on the following:

What are some of the stages of developing an animation?

What tools did you discover in Pivot Animator?

Different countries have different weather patterns. How does weather effect lifestyle?









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  1. We developed our animation frame-by-frame.
    We discovered:
    Next Frame
    Change Colours
    Change Size
    Adjust Timing
    Create The Sequence Of Events

  2. Some stages of developing an animation are to only move the stick-figure a tiny bit per frame.
    Some tools that we learnt are how to save, how to change color and load a back round.

  3. The steps of making a pivot animation are making a background in Microsoft paint then going in to pivot and inserting the background and then do frame-by-frame in to a wonderful creation.

    The tools we learnt to use are how to change the colour of the pivot, how to put a background in, how to put a pivot in the center and how to flip it.

  4. a Ron – creating a paint background, planning, timing, creating new figures and moving the characters
    b Ron – saving a pivot animation into a different file format
    c Ron – in a cold place like Antarctica people are indoors more and play indoor games.

    a. Hadley – you can delete things sometimes if you make a mistake on a frame.

  5. 1 You can make a new animation by making small movements each frame.
    2 I learnt how to put a background in.
    3 I learnt how to save as a gif

  6. 1. First we created a background in paint. Then we made characters for our pivot animation and took frames to make it look like a moving animation.

    2.we found out that you can create any animation you want and you can change the characters any colors you want.

    3.the weather changes peoples lifestyles because in hot weather you are more likely to get dehydrated.

  7. Some of the stages in pivot are making a paint picture of a season and making frame by frame and it is fun you should definitely try it out.

    Some of the tools I discovered is how to create a bunch of things and how I made a speech bubble.

    There are a lot of differences in counties with the weather. In Australia we have summer winter autumn and spring, and in north and south pole it is only winter.

  8. 1 I learnt how to upload a back ground in pivot animations.
    2 I learnt how to save it as a gif.
    3 I think that in countries where it is cold you need to dress in lots of layers of clothes.

  9. 1. We create a background of a season then we then we send it to pivot.

    2.We learnt to change the colour and change the stick figure.

    3. When its hot we were less cloths and when its cold were more cloths.

  10. 1.we created a background on pivot.
    2we learnt lots of diffrent things like creating animations!
    3. we can get dehydrated when its too warm so we should drink lots.

  11. 1. We created a background on paint and sent it into pivot

    2. We learnt to change the colour of the figures and create a pivot animation.

    3. When it is cold we wear more clothes to keep us warm and when it is hot we wear less clothes so its not too hot.

  12. The tools I have discovered is how to make a background.
    If we had no water we will be crying for water because we need the water to save us.
    For the animation I learned how to make colour.

  13. We learnt how to send our background to pivot Animation.
    We learnt how to change the colors on our pivot.
    When its hot we wear less clothes and when its cold weather we where warm clothes.

  14. You can do a lot of things like change the colour of your figures and slow down and speed up your animation.

    The tools you can use is you can make unlimited figures.

    The weather can hurt your skin if it is very hot and sunny.

  15. 1. You can create a frame by moving a figure.

    2. You could change the colour of the figure.

    3. We think that weathers in different countries are made by the tilt in Earth.

  16. I learn how to create a background and move it into pivot

    I learn how to make frames with small movements and add a background and changing colour and size of my figure.

  17. 1.some stages with animations are moving it little by little and make sure it does not teleport around!!!!

    I leaned how to make figures smaller and bigger.

    3. I learnt how to put in a background.

  18. You can create frames by clicking next frame and moving your figures

    You can do lots of things with your figures like changing their colours.

    If you live in hot countries/places like Africa you would have to stay inside more of the time because you don’t wanna get sunburnt and stay in the sun for too long.

  19. We had to make a background and we put it in pivot and we got stick figures.
    You can load figures that are made already you can also change the colour of the figures.
    If you live in an extra hot place you need a lot of sunscreen and cool clothes.

  20. Question 1: Stage 1 of doing a pivot is: Add a background. Stage 2: is adding a character and make a frame. Stage 3 is: moving the character and and doing another frame, keep moving the character until it’s done and save as a GIF.

    Question 2: I Discovered, Color Stick figure, Edit figure, and create figure.

    Question 3: If you leave in the polar zone it’s really cold so you will probably eat soup or oven food, in the torrid zone you will eat cold food.

  21. 1. I learn how to make frames with small movements and add a background and changing color and size of my figure and i also learnt how to save as a G
    2. you change colors of figures
    3.If you live in a cold place you would eat a lot of soup if you life in a hot place you would eat cold food and water

  22. I learn how to crate a background and move it into pivot

    I learn how to make frames with small movement and add a background and changing colour and size of my fiure.

  23. We developed our own animation to be a GIF/ moving image.
    We learnt to put a background on pivot.
    Some whether can be very cold so it will take along time to put layers on.

  24. 1. First you have to make your background in paint then go to pivot animations and load your background then get you figures and move them around and then on the side it says next frame click that and keep going and its very easy.
    2. The tools you can use are changing the colour of you figure

  25. In pivot you get your stick men and move his arms and legs to move him and then click next frame and keep clicking next frame once you moved him.

    We learnt how to load different types of stick men and create our own figures then make them look like they are moving.

  26. We made backgrounds and also created figures.
    We learnt how to use edit figure to make your own figure.
    Also we changed the colours of the figures.

  27. 1.We learnt how to put a back round from paint into pivot animations.
    2.The tools we worked with was brushes from paint and the tool that allowed us to create a pivot man.
    3.In winter we would snuggle in blankets while drinking hot chocolates and watching TV.

  28. You add frame by frame to make your figures move.

    We discovered how to add a background and to save it as gif.

    Weather affects other people because they live in different parts of the world. If you live near the equator you are likely to wear dresses and shorts and thongs. If you live near the top or bottom of the world you have to wear lots of layers. If you live where there is different seasons it depends on the weather when you are dressing.

  29. 1. You move your character bit by bit until you have done all frames.

    2. Some tools we learnt include Resize, edit figure ,create figure , change figure

  30. 1: We had to go on to Microsoft Paint and make a back round for a season . After we made the back round we had to go on to pivot stick animator and make a video that had to go for at least twenty seconds.

    2: In pivot animator the tools we discovered were: changing the colour of your figure,
    we could make our own figure, make the figures different sizes and we discovered that we could change the speed of our movies.

    3: if it was hot all the time it means it is easier to get dehydrated and that means you need to drink lots of water.

  31. We inserted backgrounds from paint into pivot animator
    We could use insert a stick figure of our own that we could make.
    In different countries some are more cold or warm. In cold places you wear layers of cloths, if it is warm you dont wear that much.

  32. We make frames by frames to make an animation look like it is moving.

    We learnt making backgrounds in Microsoft paint and putting it on pivot
    and using different colours.

    if you live in a cold place would eat lot of soup, life in a hot place you would eat cold food like ice cream.

  33. 1 .First we had to go on to a app called Microsoft paint and make a back ground representing our season like summer make summer background .
    2. We learnt how to put the background into pivot and a different colors so they are pretty and make it look amazing .
    3. if it is really cold all the time you would have hot foods if it was hot all the time you would have ice-cream icy poles and things that cool you down .

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