Time-Lapse Drawings by Grade 3

The grade 3 students have been discovering what a time-lapse video is and when they  are useful. They learnt that time-lapse videos are ideal to use when we want to see a change over time. We can see the change happen much quicker.

Students created a time-lapse drawing of a birthday cake to integrate with their study on ‘Celebrations’. The students learnt the tools in the iPad App ‘iMotion’ to create frames that would produce their time-lapsed drawing. They discovered that it was really important to keep the camera still, as well as the paper. They experimented with tools such as ‘onion skin’ and adjusting frames per second. They could choose to capture their frames automatically or manually, depending on whether they wanted their hands drawing the cake, or if they wanted the drawing to evolve as an animation.

Students please reflect on the following:

When is using a time-lapse video helpful?

What tools did you learn when making a time-lapse?

If you could speed up or slow down time in real life, how would that change your life?


Grade 3 create Time-lapse Drawings from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.


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