Promoting our 4Rs with Adobe Spark Video – By Grade 4

Life and relationships at Rowellyn Park PS are characterised by our 4 Rs (Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Reflection). Students watched animations that demonstrate the 4 Rs in action to help enhance their understanding of what the 4Rs mean. The students took notes and discussed their thoughts.

The grade 4 students then used video making to express what our school values mean to them.They were introduced to the application Adobe Spark Video. Students used images, video, text and audio to promote their thoughts and ideas about of the ‘Rs’. They decided on how they would illustrate the message, and made decisions about their film movements and setting. They made choices about music, themes and layouts to enhance their video production.

Students please reflect on the following

  • What did you like about using Adobe Spark and why?

  • How did video making help you get your message across?

  • After watching your video, and others, what do you think worked well and what made a ‘great’ video?

  • If you could improve your video, what would you do better?



on “Promoting our 4Rs with Adobe Spark Video – By Grade 4
9 Comments on “Promoting our 4Rs with Adobe Spark Video – By Grade 4
  1. 1. i liked using, on adobe spark everything it was so fun i loved it its like my favourite app now!
    2. it help me better because it help me remember insted of remembering it in my mind i could share it with the world.
    3. what made a great video would be everything being perfect.
    4. add more of me into the pictures.

  2. 1. What I like about adobe spark was that you could send emotion and you can show kids how to act.
    2. A video gets more people across so instead of talking to 1 at a time you can talk to 1000000000000 people
    3. It made my video great by using effects and stickers
    4. If I could improve my video I would try to do more talking

  3. I liked using my own video’s on Adobe Spark because you can make it exactly how you want it.
    Making a video is better than making something else because more people see it and it is more interesting.
    It made my video great because it has great affects.
    To improve I could use more creative ideas.

  4. 1. We liked adobe spark because we can do animations and add photos and text.
    2. It can help us express with text and music and videos.
    3.The great videos had a clear voice and the photos/videos matched the text.
    4.I would make it more detailed with more information for the people watching.

  5. 1. I like it because it is very creative and you can imagine cool new types of different things
    2. I think that it helps you get your messages across by making a video and sending it around the world
    3. I like our video and others because you could put your own details into it and you can put your creative mind into it.
    4. I think that I would be really cool if you could make your voice different in the Spark video app.

  6. 1. What we liked about adobe spark was that you could use your imagination and it had great quality.

    2. Instead of talking to 1 person you can talk to as many people you want like 100000
    or more.

    3. The sound was really good and our pictures matched the text and we really liked it!

    4. The background with people chatting and go somewhere quiet

  7. 1.I liked spark because you could design your own mini movie!
    2.My message was mainly about being kind to the world.
    3.I manly like the videos when the people that make them talk loud and go with the flow
    4.What I would do to my video is make the iPad still so my videos weren’t shakey, and if something goes wrong I just go with the flow.

  8. 1. I like using spark stuido because you can change the colour off things.
    2. A video is beter than talking to people 1 to 1.
    3. What makes a great video is lots of information.
    4. I would improve by getting more spelling right and using punctuation.

  9. 1.I liked using adobe spark because you can do your own videos with voice, photos and text.
    2.You can show people important things that you have learned so others can see what you’ve done.
    3.It’s good for helping people learn from you.
    4.I could have put more text to explain in the video.

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