Rapping to Learn About ‘Copyright’ by Grade 5


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In Media Arts the grade 5 students have been developing an awareness of ‘Copyright’ and how it effects them. They are discovering what it means, when it applies and how they can safely use material they access on-line. To send a message about Piracy and Copyright, students wrote a rap. Once they created lyrics, they recorded it in the iPad App Garage Band, then added beats and sound effects.

Take a listen to some of the student’s creations….

Students Please Reflect On The following Questions……

1. What was challenging about creating lyrics for a rap? 

2. How did this task help you engage with the topic Copyright? 

3. What are some characteristics of a rap you used to make it catchy?

4. Why is a rap a good way to send a message?



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  1. 1. We think what was challenging about the Copyright rap was recording. Because their were a lot of back round noise. What was also challenging was making up the lyrics for the song.

    2. We think that it engaged with the topic Copyright because that it was a fun thing to do as well as learn , it helped us a lot knowing that it was something fun that we would like to do and it encouraged us to do our work.

    3. We used a lot of rhyming words in our rap. As well as fun beats and rhythms that made the song catchy.

    4. A rap is a good way to send a message because it is a fun way to learn something that could possibly be a bit hard . And it allows students to discover different types of things on different types of apps.

  2. 1. We didn’t have many ideas but we managed.

    2.It taught us about plaigerism and fair use.

    3. A part of our rap that was catchy was – “piracy, the felling of stealing, piracy piracy piracy”.

    4. Because it is catchy and lots of young people listen to raps these days, they’ll listen to it.

  3. The thing that was hard was some people don’t agree on the same things.

    We learnt different things to avoid copyright like asking the maker if you can use a bit of their creation.

    We used expression in our rap to make it enjoyable.

    Because it helps us communicate to little kids about our message.

  4. What we thought was challenging in our rap was trying to get the lyrics to rhyme altogether. Our rap was about piracy so it was hard to get lyrics to rhyme with piracy.

    How our rap helped us with Copyright was by telling us to not copy other peoples work. It also taught us not to take creations from who ever made the work and to listen to the law and just buy movies, music and art. If you just get it off the internet illegally it is called piracy.

    Some of the characteristics of a rap we used to make it catchy was to add cool beats with the raps and to add some music.

  5. Yes it was a challenging because we had to make it ryhme .
    Copyright was an interesting topic and we learnt what was wrong and right.
    We used some repeating words to make it catchy.
    People like music so it would send a better message.

  6. 1. Trying to make it rap and rhyme, and making everyone in our group agree with it. Luckly it came along great.
    2. It tought us the different types of copyright like Piracy, Fairuse, and plagiarism.
    3. We aid em instead of them, and when we spelt piarcy out in the start. P to the i to the a to the cy.
    4. When you write it in a song/ rap people remember it easier then actual words.

  7. 1.What was really challenging about creating the lyrics was trying really hard not to use lots negative words (e.g don’t) and trying not to be similar to other people’s ideas.
    2. It allowed us to learn more about the topic because it’s easier to learn when you’re doing peer to peer learning.
    3. We used rhyming words at some times and repeated and faded the words at the end to make it catchy.
    4. A rap is a good way to send a message because when it’s public it’s very catchy and people like listening to raps.

  8. The challenge for creating rap lyrics was hard because we had to make catchy groovy lyrics it was difficult to decide on what to words make the rap rhyme.

    The rap helped us engage with the topic copy right because when you listen to music you catch the message quickly it helps you focus on the topic most of the time.

    What made our rap catchy was when we repeated some of the lyrics to get in your head which is why raps are good for most topics.

    A rap is a good way to send a message because you can use alliteration or repetitive lyrics to make the rap catchy.

  9. 1. The most challenging part of making it was rhyming the lyrics

    2. This task helped us see what copyright effects and who it effects

    3. The characteristics that we used to make our rap catchy were tone and volume.

    4. A rap is a good way to send a message because it’s very easy to remember the lyrics.

  10. 1.What was difficult about making the lyrics was talking and not getting any of the words wrong and having to restart every time.
    2. It helped us learn new words and now we know not copy any random thing off the internet but check if you can use it but respect the creator or write on the work you used and underneath write the address.
    3. Three things we used to make our raps catchy was to have alliteration, Rhymes and some long words to be cool.
    4. Raps are a good why to send messages because people enjoy them and think their cool.

  11. 1. It was challenging because we were all thinking of our own ideas each and getting mixed up.
    2. It helped us because we didn’t know much about COPYRIGHT!!! Now we know a lot about COPYRIGHT!!!
    3. We put a lot of rhyming words and tried to make it fun.
    4. The rap is a good way to send a message because most people like listening to music/raps and its fun.

  12. 1. We think that it was quite hard because we didn’t really know what to write and we finally came up with a good rap.
    2. This helped us engage because the background music is really good and we like it.
    3. We used garage band and it came out pretty catchy.
    4. Because it sends to people that don’t know what copyright is so they do it and then they learn not to copyright.

  13. 1. it was Challenging because we had to record with other people screaming in the background
    2. We engaged in the topic copyright because it taught us in a really fun way
    3.We used loads of catchy phrases rhyming and stuff
    4. When you write a rap its easier to understand

  14. 1.it was challenging because it was hard to think of ryming words for the song that make sense.

    2.we were learning about copyright while we were makeg raps toghether.

    3.we tried to make the drum beats sound good so it made our song better.

    4.a rap is a good way to send a message because people like listening to music so they can listen to the rap and learn about copyright.

  15. The challenging thing about creating lyrics was making the words rhyme with each other.

    We think that it engaged with the topic Copyright because we were learning about copyright and it taught us in a really fun way.

    To make our rap catchy we made it rhyme and made fun beats so it is catchy.

    A rap is a good way to send a message because little kids like to listen to raps and the raps can be really catchy.

  16. The hartest part was Trying to fiish the song and get the right tunes.
    We did laern something it was not to steal peoples work and give all the credit to the maker.
    We yoused cool chouns and and made the backround beter.
    Because people like to lisen to sonngs.

  17. 1. The hardest part was finding the lyrics was making it rhyme.
    2.It helped us a lot engage the topic by having fun and learning what to do and what not to do
    3.repeating the chorus was the most catchiest
    4. the message is a good way to have fun and it sounds really cool!!!!!!!!!

  18. The topic for our rap was copyright.
    Finding the meaning and communicating the message was a little bit tricky.
    It was a challenging to come up with catchy lyrics, but we got it done.
    It was an awesome week because we could record our rap and add beats.

  19. 1. It was hard to make good words that are good to rhyme and make sense
    2. It helps us learn about copyright and so that we have a great future and not go to court and break the law.
    3. We used the words position, copyright, court, jail, night and day.
    4. It gives a quick good message and if it goes on YouTube it will tell everyone not to copyright

  20. 1. The most challenging part of the rap was trying to rhyme the words so it would make sense.

    2. We engaged in the topic copyright because it taught us to not copyright and what to do in the future so we avoid it.

    3. We think the catchy part of our rap was “ask for the creators permission because this is a dangerous mission”.

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