Dreamtime Animations By Grade 4

As part of their studies on Indigenous Australian history and culture, grade 4 students brought their own Dreamtime stories to life. The classes watched Dreamtime animations to inspire their ideas and discussed the significance of storytelling in Australian Aboriginal culture. They identified some of the subjects around Dreamtime stories and the messages behind them. Students then wrote their own Dreamtime Stories, with the intention of bringing them to life through animation.

The students learned how to create a stop-motion animation.They discovered the process to make an effective animation and the strategies to help it look realistic and flow smoothly.

They decided on the materials they would use to create their animations. Some decided to draw their backgrounds and moving objects, some used Plasticine, others used images from clip art and others made them using coloured paper.

The experience taught the students the step-by-step process of creating a stop-motion animation. They discovered that it can be quite a complex, time consuming process that requires attention to detail and planning. They used the iPad app iMotion to capture images for each frame, put them together and adjust the speed to create the illusion of a moving image. They realised that keeping the camera and background still when taking images was crucial to a smooth flowing animation. Check them out!

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.

Grade 4 Dreamtime Animations from Rowellyn Park PS Media Arts on Vimeo.


What were some of the challenges of creating an animation?

What helpful hints would you give someone who wanted to create a stop-motion animation?

What are some things you learned about Dreamtime stories and their significance to Indigenous Australian Culture?


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  1. 1. Mine was the Tripod.It was hard to keep it in place. 2. Well start off with Animals, pick out the best Australian animal. Once you’ve done that make sure you’ve got a good backing. 3. I learned that stop motion has a pause button. Once you pause it you’ll be able to make them talk. I also learned that animals are very important to Indigenous Australians.

  2. Using stop motion animation was very challenging for me and my partner Aaliyah. We had pretty bad times using it helped me and Aaliyah use stop motion it was very fun making characters out of clay. My characters were a blue tongue lizard and a dingo the names were bluey as the blue tongue lizard and chase as the dingo. I loved when we took photos and we recorded our voices.

  3. What were some of the challenges of creating an animation?
    Some difficulties of creating the animations were that keeping the Ipad still even while on the tripod. It was also a bit hard to record since there were other people people outside and cars and birds were passing by.

    What helpful hints would you give someone who wanted to create a stop-motion animation?
    Some helpful hints would be to use a tripod and make sure you have onion skin.

    What are some things you learned about Dreamtime stories and their significance to Indigenous Australian Culture?
    Some things I learnt about Dreamtime stories was that it can be explained in many ways such as paintings, drawings/sketches and many more. Their significance to Indigenous Australian Culture is that they have been passed down from lots of generations and the aboriginals believe them.

  4. It was hard to make the characters because my team mate and I put a lot of offort making my character and my partner’s character too, so we where happy with ourselves.

    It was hard doing work for the last few weeks, I always tried finishing my work.

  5. It was really hard to do the project, my character’s were dingo’s and the the big dingo was mean to the other dingo. it was kind of easy to make the dingo’s and cuting out my partner helped me with the land and the dingo’s. Work was kind of easy to act the character’s.

  6. When I used stop motion animation some difficulties were when you had to take a picture and how if you move one tiny bit then it messes up the whole thing. Some hints that I would give would be try not to move the camera but if you do make sure you crop. Some things that I learnt about Aboriginal culture is that aboriginal dreamtime stories are very important to their culture.

  7. I think that the biggest challenge of the project is the recording because it was hard to get the frames smooth i just 1 hour to do it. The helpful tip i’ll give the grade 3’s moving to grade 4 is to not sit next to the wrong people otherwise your video will be ruined. I think that the dreamtime story is a really important to the aboriginal’s because they told stories to tell young people to explain things.

  8. 1. The hardest part for me was when we had to take pictures so it took a while for us to get it right then we had it in the bag.

    2. I recommend have some friends or people to help you its way easier trust me and prepare before starting so you can understand what you’re doing.

    3. They send a secret message to everyone, well some of them, and how they understood animals so they would get how they look and how they are.

  9. 1. I found it hard finding materials for my background.

    2. My helpful tip would be don’t move the characters from a completely different spot otherwise it looks like they are teleporting from spot to spot.

    3. I learnt that dreamtime stories tell how the aboriginals think things happened.

  10. The thing I thought was hard was making the characters because we made a good goanna but a terrible Spider because we ran out of black clay but in the end Ms Siera made it better.

    A tip i would give someone would be to use a tripod because then the ipad won’t move when you take a photo without the tripod it either goes blurry or you could get some carpet in.

    I learnt that the Aboriginal people had very creative minds to create the Dreamtime stories. I also learnt you could present the Dreamtime Stories in many different ways.

  11. In my opinion i think filming was the hardest thing to do because it was difficult to move it then take a photo repeatedly does get a bit boring after a lot of posts.

    The tips i would give someone if they wanted to make a stop motion animation it would be take your time when your filming and moving the characters and also make sure you don’t move the I pad when your filming because you’ll stuff up.

    One thing is that the dream time stories are usually about the Australian animals like the Kookaburra, Dingo, Kangaroo,Koala.etc

  12. 1. The hardest thing was creating the clay models because the animal was a wedged tailed eagle.
    2. make the characters be for you make an animation.
    3. I learnt how the blue tough lizard got its blue tough.

  13. Make sure they don’t move your iPad too.

    Make the video good by followng what the teacher said. Have interesting characters and animals.

    You shouldn’t go crazy with the sound too.

    Make sure you don’t delete it , dont knock the iPad and have fun with the video too.

    The indigenous people usually had animals to tell stories,

  14. It was challenging making the clay animals because i was trying to make it look like the actual animal.
    And if someone needed help to create a stop motion i would tell them to take there time and to never give up.
    I learnt how to make it look so realistic without making it look boring.
    I learnt that in my dream time that some animals are almost extinct.

  15. 1. Challenge of making the animation is making the character and standing the tree.
    2. The animation needed to more talking and more creating.
    3. I learn about how to make a story of different animals and they have different thing on their body.

  16. 1. It was hard because of the voice and the making. Also it was hard because the pictures. Also because the voice was hard because my partner was away.
    2. To do it slowly also watch on your pictures when you are trying to take the pictures and watch for your back round.
    3. That it is fun making the animations and how to make it went and me and my friend had fun with making the animations.

  17. The challenging thing that I did with our animation was recording because we had to record like 6 times in a row and then finally we finished the 7 one that was the perfect one for our animation.

    Some hints to someone to create a stop-motion animation is speak clearly when recording, make sure that the characters are in the right spot for your animation, and never give up if something you keep on doing is failing.

    I learnt that dreamtime stories are like normal stories, but there real instead of a fairy tale. Also they try to make it as real as possible with their brain because they don’t know science stuff like us now. So they’ll use all of their brain power to make it a real as possible.

  18. I think the most challenging thing would be doing the frames and making sure no-one has ruined the video by knocking your back-ground over or someone accidently kicking the I-pad that your using over. But the most fun thing was editing the video because you could just use all types of sounds from I-Tunes.
    Another thing that was challenging was making the characters because riley and I had to get the right shapes of the two animals.
    Also if you really want your animation to be great you have to take your time taking frame after frame. So Stop Motion Studio was really fun to do in media arts at school and I learnt that you can add in music to your animations and I also learnt about dreamtime stories that the aboriginals used Australian animals for their stories.

  19. The most hard thing was moving the characters because it is one little move not a BIG one and be careful DON’T TOUCH
    THE IPAD .
    You have to give it your best to not move the tripod to make it perfect .
    They real are fun. they make you have a idea.

  20. The challenging things I did with my animation was recording our voices we did it like 6 times but on the 7 we got it right.
    Some helpful hints I could give someone is speak clearly so we can hear, When recording try not to move the screen or it will make your photo blurry.
    That dreamtime stories are real, they been past on down through families.

  21. Some challenges are that I couldn’t find some of the things for example the record button and I took photos when I didn’t want to.

    Some helpful tips are that they can easily go onto it and watch the example test that Miss Sierra has put on all the iPad you will get it when you have watched the video.

    I learned that dreamtime stories can be any sort of dreamtime it could be an animal dreamtime story or a aboriginal dreamtime story.

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