News From Performing Arts By Miss McDermott and Mrs De Looze

Dance Team:

The amazing Rowellyn Park Dance Team is a mixture of Year 5 and 6 students who meet at lunchtimes and are involved in an array of dance activities. They play dance games, have in depth discussions about and participate in, different dance styles. Dance Team is inspired to get students from different year levels working together and dedicating their time to create amazing movement pieces. The students work as a group to come up with new and exciting dance moves which they put together and create a dance to perform at assembly and other special occasions.

Drama Club:

Drama Club is a special elective class in which we discuss movement, expression, improvisation, music and vocal elements and adapt different techniques to performances. These dedicated Year 6 students work together at creating and performing fun and interesting plays. The workshop is an open discussion of ideas and elements about theatre and acting. It is inspired and created to gather students together in an open forum where we can work together on their acting and performance skills.


Welcome to this year’s senior choir. So far the choir have been working on a number of songs and learning about singing technique. The students are showing dedication and learning to work and listen as a group. Their first performance was at the junior assembly, followed by the senior the following week. It is inspiring to see so many students interested in singing and learning new genres of music. We have moved choir rehearsal to after school Wednesdays. I know this does not suit all members so if any interested students would like to join as a new chorister, please see Ms de Looze. Congratulations Senior Choir. I look forward to seeing your next performance.

Ukelele Band:

This year the school has started a Ukulele band during lunch times. The group is run for the grade 3 and 4 students where they are learning valuable instrumental skills. They are gaining knowledge in tuning and holding a ukulele as well as learning to read chord charts and strum along to a simple tune. The students are currently working on a lively piece and are looking forward to their first assembly performance.

Student Reflections:

What new skills have you developed and how have these new skills made a difference to you?

What language or vocabulary would you use to describe your experiences?

Why have you chosen to be a part of the extra performing arts activity?



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  1. I like my work because it has lots of tuxtures, colours and lots more. But I like it when you use your hands to draw, paint and colour because the computer is not the same as using hands and its hard to use the computer to draw things.

  2. The dance team is great. They have got some great moves and great songs to dance to. Well done dance team. Because I like the dances so much I was wondering when the next performace is? If someone finds out can they please tell me on this box. Thanks.

  3. I really like choir and dance team. They are really great to watch. I wanted to do choir but I had netball after school so I didn’t get the chance to.

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