House Designs in Google Sketch-up by Grade 5

The grade 5 students have tried their hand at architectural design during Media-Arts using the program Google Sketch-up. After watching a tutorial on the capabilities of the program and its interface, they then had a chance to create their own house. They needed to include:

  • A floor plan
  • A roof line
  • Doors and windows
  • An outdoor structure (such as pergolas or garages)
  • Objects internally and externally
  • Textured walls and floors (such as tiles, weatherboard etc.)

The activity involved skills with 3D shapes, measurement, problem solving, formatting and design planning.

They were then required to create scenes that orbited around the house to showcase the various aspects of their design. They also used a screen-capture program on the internet to film their design animations. Hope you enjoy taking a look at the result!

What skills did Google Sketch-up help you develop?

What challenges did you experience with Google Sketch-up?

What other things might you be interested in designing and producing your own creation of?


on “House Designs in Google Sketch-up by Grade 5
8 Comments on “House Designs in Google Sketch-up by Grade 5
  1. Hi I’m Erin from grade 5 lever,
    I just wanted to say I loved your slides and say good job to everyone who made one and great job to those who were slected for this movie!!!:) I loved Shristi’s and Holly T’s and I loved the music. Mrs.Sieira thanks for showing me how to use Google sketch up 8!!!
    From Erin

    • You’re welcome Erin! I loved watching the enthusiasm the grade 5s showed during the activity. The engagement I saw by you and your peers was exciting for me. You can keep using sketch-up in you own time at home as it’s free. There is so much you could design on it. Not just houses. 😎

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